It’s raining, it’s pouring

IMG_9842It’s raining, it’s pouring, but that doesn’t mean your style credentials should be snoring. The good news is that raincoats have come a long way since the oversized and brashly colored mac you wore as a child.

In a countries with rain seasons a raincoat is something crucial to own. Especially if you bicycle on a daily base to get to A to B. If you’re looking for something to breathe new life into your wardrobe, then a printed Ekaterina Lambert PVC coat is definitely the route to take. It’s the kind of piece that will always elicit some sort of “where’d you get that?” response and pairs nicely with everything from contrast print pieces to a simple slip dress. And isn’t it the goal of the things that we buy – to make us bright, extraordinary, charismatic?b514eb25ba1cf54cc4acb0510287242IMG_9825898af47524241141c3c41c7431baea4bb95dfc249c0a896f5a5774f1325c5d9f6e0a6236f4c6052e1c0bc50c9501eIMG_9832

Go with the trend in PVC Ekaterina Lambert raincoat with artistic prints. It can easily be styled with both your favorite basics and something fancier.

The layer will keep you dry and add depth to whatever you’ve got on underneath.

Bring on the showers!!!

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Sneakers are here to replace every pair of high heels in your closet!

Hear that girls?! That’s the sound of your feet weeping for joy because sneakers are poised to replace every pair of high heels in your closet. I’m talking real, honest-to-god, flat-on-the-ground, high-top, low-top, lace-up, slip-on ACBC sneakers. And the best part? You can wear them with absolutely everything, including skirts and dresses. Flat (and running shoes) are becoming the new stilettos, and it’s time to embrace the comfortable trend. Shoes are my guilty shopping pleasure. Even if I don’t fancy myself the sporty type, after I discover the ACBC brand I swear from now on the sneaker will become part of my go-to shoe selection.

And you know what? The right sneakers can make a statement. In fact, if you’ve been tuning into the runways or street style, then you know sneakers can be the difference between a basic or banging outfit. I spend a week wearing no other shoes then ACBC. And without a doubt it was the most comfortable week in my life!

Check out my favorite looks with ACBC shoes and style tricks, and make the new travel light, customer- and eco friendly brand a part of your every day and night look.

The look with my favorite black suit, check yellow pants, and accessorize with a statment belt and pair of green running shoes. Easy peasy.

I can always count on a pop of color in every day look. I love my canary yellow sequin dress with long denim jacket and red belt bag. The ACBC shoes tie the whole look together, I’d say.

Cool dress like this does all the styling work for me. No matter how I dress it down, I’ll be party ready—even when slipping into my bright red ACBC sneakers.

Love my mini skirt but was looking for a way to make it a little less uptown elegant and a little more downtown cool? I tried to add a pair of ACBC sneakers, literally in any color or style, and  found my new go-to look for the spring.

With work ready looking jumpsuit, opt for a pair of sneakers that definitely stands out from the crowd. I go for a pair with an unexpected element like a bright red color and leather mesh.

This time I dare myself to try something new: Dress up in my go-to partylike shiny jumpsuit  that I typically pair with sky-high stilettos. Next? Swap out my stilettos for a pair of ACBC white flats. Honestly, I may never go back.

The addition of ACBC sneakers with a suit dress can give a sleek city feel, a causal twist or can keep the formal look with a hint of practicality. I’m striking blue striped suit dress with red sport pants and matching with white ACBC sneakers. Creating a powerful look filled with confidence!

Nothing feels better than pulling off an outfit that looks super stylish but takes advantage of the ultimate off-duty staple, leggings. And these sleek bottoms shouldn’t be reserved just for the weekend. Sure, they’re great for Spin class or a coffee run, but they can look polished if you know exactly what to pair with them. Mixing mine with crisp white shirt, black suit, statement bag and of course keeping relax and stylish feeling by wearing white ACBC sneakers.

Even fancy dresses can work when paired with ACBC shoes. This dress may seem too sexy to work with sneakers, but the simple styling with sequined silver top and monochromatic color palette make these looks work.

The choice is huge! From crisp-white running ACBC shoes to hacky green trainers that look just as good with an evening dress. And best of all you don’t need to have an entire closet for your sneakers! There sure will be room for a lot of stylish sneakers as each pair of ACBC skins lay flats takes the space of a t-shirt! Don’t know about you girls, but I’m definitely hungry for more ACBC shoes in my wardrobe!

Oh! So white!

Fans of white?  Well, this summer is your time to shine! Yes, this season a total white look will be the chicest of outfits. The classic combination is modern, elegant and minimalist, instantly adds an elegant and sophisticated vibe, no wonder white-on-white look has taken over the streets as one of the hottest street style trends of the moment. The white shirt is a must for every wardrobe. White trousers are the item that comes to mind when spring begins. A pair of white heels or flats are a must for summer 2018. And it is a perfect time to swap our all-black uniform for this season’s all-white trend.

Wondering how you can mix them all together and rock the all white look? These are the four easiest ways to slay the total white look.

White can be unflattering, so wearing white in a right cut and proportions is key to pulling off the trend. Play around with proportions and lengths. Wear a classic oversized white tee combined with a masculine cut and long skinny jeans and a jacket. White but slender! Or palazzo pants with a high waisted wide leg and fitted top.

One of the ways to create a perfect total white look is to use different materials for the various pieces that make up the look. For example: lace, linen, cotton, silk etc.

If the total white looks make you a bit uncomfortable, break it up! Wear colorful accessories, a purse or shoes like I did on this look. But better don’t wear more than one color otherwise it might ruin total white effect.


And if you cannot make a total white look, combine it with nude or metallic accessories. Shoes and bags in these colors look great with total white.


Remember, if you don’t feel like daring with a monochrome, just know that white is the coolest of colors, even for accessories.

Would you dare to wear total white? Tell me in comment section bellow.

Plaid pants trend

The biggest, the best, better than the rest. Everyone sings with me. No? Okay. While I might be getting slightly ahead of myself here, what I want to say is fashion is just amazing. It takes one boring item and makes it the most beautiful and wanted thing in the world. That is the exact case with plaid pants, the pants that everyone is wearing these days. So, (you might want to join me this time) … the bigger, the best, better than the rest!!! Now it makes sense, doesn’t it?


Everyone is wearing plaid pants because they have this chic vibe to them. They’ll give you that off-the-clock fashion thrill. Some girls wear them with sneakers, some go for heels, some wear them relaxed and chic, while others go for sleek office formal styles. Plaid pants happen to look really, really good with your favorite t-shirts, sweatshirts, denim or leather jackets so you can indulge in both off-duty style rituals at the same time. Just pick your thing and roll with it.


Personally, I love the “notice me” chic style of the yellow Zara plaid pants in cigarette cut, slightly cropped, with green high top ACBC sneakers, and a white DYWWA t-shirt. Mixing it all up with statement yellow Diddi Studio belt, Kate Wood wooden watches and one of my favorite Tory Burch bag. Perfection for Friday office to girl’s night out.


Why Fashion?

I have been criticized for trying to get attention from my appearance: “Why look good every day?” or “Why walk like on the runway?”, “Why try so hard?” People are asking me those questions since I discover the world of fashion (basically since 21 years ago) …
The answer is very simple: Fashion is that thing that saved me from being sad.
I’ve always cared about my clothes. When I leave my apartment, I like to look pretty for myself and people around, I want to make you feel something with what I wear. My ootd are always reflecting my mood in a way.

As well Fashion makes me braver. If I have a difficult day ahead or need to do an important speech or it’s a first parent meeting in my girl kindergarten (yes, that makes me even more nervous than applying for a job) or simply it’s one of this days when my stress levels have been through the roof, I open my wardrobe and think which outfit will make me feel happy and enjoy the day ahead. And when I find one I feel like “Ok! I can do that, or I can at least try”.

No matter what happens with my life or career and wherever I go that heart of glamorous girl in Shanghai will never be gone. This is who I am, and it’s never been an act and it’s never been marketing. This is me all the way to my core and fashion is a big part of my life.