Is it a hoodie? Is it a dress? It’s your new favorite wardrobe piece!

Hoodies once thought of as something you only wore when you were feeling lazy and didn’t want to look put together, are currently enjoying a moment in the fashion world. The hoodie dress – a star style for spring, which you can and should begin adopting now.  It can easily be dressed up or down and offers that sexy, “I didn’t try” vibe, along with the actual warmth and coziness you crave as temps continue to chill. The sweatshirt dress is still feminine but with a huge comfort factor. It’s the ultimate win-win for any girl.


Many fashionistas addicted to this style could take a sigh of relief: why should we get crazy looking for the perfect match between top and bottom, if we could be cool and comfy at the same time with just one piece? Hoodie dresses became the must have style to keep in our closet (you can steal them also to your boyfriend’s one though, especially if he’s a basketball player!)

How to wear them?

The thing that I really love about the hoodie dress is that it is so easy to pull off. Most of them are loosely fit that you just don’t need to have the fittest body to look good with it. For those of you who don’t like the way the dress is so short, you can simply wear shorts under it. Some cool girls also like to style them audaciously with sparkling sandals and ankle boots, others match them with maxi skirts, for a pure oversized look. Or you can keep things much more casual by wearing yours with leggings and sneakers. The key to keeping it stylish is to pick a textured sweatshirt, and add chic accessories like a hat, clutch, and nice jewelry. A hoodie dress can make you look like the picture-perfect example of cool girl street style.


Hoodie dress is a fun fashion alternative to jeans and your everyday hoodie! You get the pockets, the hood to pull over your head, and you have a chance to put together a sporty chic outfit. Which one of these outfit ideas is your favorite? How do you wear hoodie dress? Tell me in the comments!
Written by Ekaterina Lambert

Pictures from, Fashicon app (


Hi. I’m Ekaterina Lambert - an international model with over a decade of experience on the runway, a fashion designer, stylist and blogger and now the entrepreneur -founder of the new app FashIcon, it is the Instagram of fashion and fashion only! Community of people helping each other to find their voice in every day fashion and celebrate who they are through their style. In between of all I got married and raising a beautiful daughter. I was recently featured online by Bazaar China, Vogue China and That’s Shanghai.

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