Skinny and fabulous!

I surprisingly receive many questions about how to dress, what to wear if you happened to be a skinny girl (petite, no curves) and still feel and look feminine, confident and sexy.. So I’ve decided to put all my thoughts about this in 1 article.

Sometimes nature plays tricks with us by gifting some women with an ideal body shape, while others get not the best features. Particularly if you’re naturally skinny, self-confidence and body image has always been probably the most challenging thing in life. Such stereotype that says “skinny is not happy” has made you doubt a lot on body confidence. If you wish you were a few kg heavier than you are just so that you could look prettier, stop wishing upon that star. You’ll be happy to hear that just a few changes to your wardrobe will make you look and fell more confident and stylish.

Finding the right outfits and accessories for skinny women is actually much easier than for those who have curves and weight. And by this, it means there are plenty of fashion choices out there for you to pull off just exactly like those models. So, be grateful with your slender body, and always be confident with that. If you don’t have problem with your body silhouette, then you can just wear anything you want. Being skinny is not a big deal since we can wear as many types of outfits as we want.

Luckily there are many styles that look absolutely great on slim women. So if you’re built like me, try these style tips for slim girls and find the clothes that work for you…

The Right Cut

Focusing on how to create curves and volume is the main goal for skinny girls. You need to create curves where you want them, or to add a balanced weight to the entire look. Nowadays, there are a number of designs that specialize in creating perfect slim size cuts with feminine curves places exactly where they are desirable. Make sure the outfit that you go for should fit you properly because ill-fitting clothes can make you look skinnier. If your clothes are hanging from your shoulder and your butt, not only the outfit will look bad, you won’t be able to get the look right.


Sleeves and Necklines for skinny women

Dresses and tops with volume on shoulder are great for thin women to create the illusion of curves between waist and bust. You can add curves with ruffle shirts, or you can make fuller silhouette with shift dresses or baby-doll style clothes, although sometimes baby-dolls can also create a visual shorter look. Bat-wing sleeves are also great for adding some additional shape, while long sleeve tops with prints are great for disguising thin upper arms. It will also help to fill out the bust area. If you have a flat bust go for a dress with sequins, jewels, or a ruffles near the collar area to help out your bust. Draping at the neckline can be a very flattering style for small-busted figures, but avoid very deep cleavage such as V-neckline and play fairly with the chest.




Asymmetrical, tube or pencil skirts – short or long – that tapers at the knee is a good bet to give a visual extra pounds on your hips. Play with belts, pleats, tights, etc. to maximize the appearance you want to achieve. If you wish for a mini, just make it about 15 cm above your knee and allow the skirt to be well fitting, not a free size one. When choosing shorts, go for the shorter ones, the well fitted – not too loose and not too tight – short shorts around the hips. Avoid very wide leg shorts as they make your legs look like a pair of sticks.

Right colors and prints

colorsBright and light colors like vibrant shades and pastels are great to create volume as well to give a fashionable, feminine touch into the look. Don’t be shy about wearing bright colors and dare to wear red or yellow if you have the right coloring. If you want to look wider, the best trick is to opt for outfits that split up your body at the center line, creating two halves by distinctive colors. Wear more than one color combination and play them with contrast. For example wear light tops and dark bottoms.




Belts should become your new best friend! besides giving formal touch into your look, both thick and skinny belts paired over a dress or coat will add shape to your outfit and accentuate your tiny waist. If you have no waist, go for wide belts in bright colors, and if your waist is small, try out some beautiful original belts.




Here you can play with colors, sparks, and appliques for adding weight to your legs and for drawing attention away from the bony knees. I would recommend to avoid wearing wedges as they are creating to heavy look for skinny legs. Heels instead will produce much taller figure to thin women, making them as gorgeous as supermodels. It basically depends on your confidence.

Long skirts, long dresses, jumpsuits, flare pants, cropped pants … all are flattering for casual-chic looks, especially if you don’t really want showing your legs



You don’t have to follow all tips because you surely have your own personal style and judgment. These tips are just a basic idea if you are not sure how to dress your body.

Just remember to make fashion fun and enjoyable. Wear whatever styles you want to wear. Coz everybody is allowed to have a great time with their figure. Don’t think much if you are skinny or have problems with part of your body

All styling tips aside, the only ultimate advice that for sure will get you the best of your look is loving yourself and learning to be confident. Always believe that absolutely no one – in all body shape – is immune to being self-conscious about their appearance. As long as you feel healthy, never fear to show off your skinniness. You’re the only one who can accept who you really are. If you accept it, people will notice.

So, pull off whatever styles you like with confident and stop trying to be someone else. As no matter what size you are, you will never be truly happy if you obsess over the way you look. Style your figure fabulous, and never worry what people might think. Just have fun with fashion, enjoy and be grateful on what nature gives you.

Here in my blog and my FashIcon App I basically just want to show that fashion is all about being grateful with your shape. That fashion is really for everybody!

Author: girlofmillionstyle

Hi. I’m Ekaterina Lambert - an international model with over a decade of experience on the runway, a fashion designer, stylist and blogger and now the entrepreneur -founder of the new app FashIcon, it is the Instagram of fashion and fashion only! Community of people helping each other to find their voice in every day fashion and celebrate who they are through their style. In between of all I got married and raising a beautiful daughter. I was recently featured online by Bazaar China, Vogue China and That’s Shanghai.

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