Who am I?

Hi. I’m Ekaterina Lambert – an international model with over a decade of experience on the runway, a fashion designer, stylist and blogger and now the entrepreneur -founder of the new app FashIcon, it is the Instagram of fashion and fashion only! Community of people helping each other to find their voice in every day fashion and celebrate who they are through their style. In between of all I got married and raising a beautiful daughter. I was recently featured online by Bazaar China, Vogue China and That’s Shanghai.


I was born in a small city in Russia and I feel that since my young age I have in fact searched for beauty – beauty in people in particular! I wasn’t surrounded by many sources of inspiration back then in the 90’s. And having been born when mafia was a central concern in Russia and having lived at the center of the conflict at such an early age, fashion was the last thing we thought about when we saw many cruel things happening around. That time in my childhood I learned to frame reality to discover beauty in the middle of the conflict. I was always different from most of the people around me. And it was difficult to hear every day something like: «Hey, what the hell are you wearing? Who do you think you are! Freak!» In this moment there are two ways to go: give up and follow the crowd or stay true to yourself no matter what and stand out! And obviously I’ve chosen the second option.  Discovering Fashion made me feel more beautiful, confident, and strong, I felt like I must change out of the sport pants and put on clothes that give me power, just as Wonder Woman went from her Diana Prince uniform to her kick-butt Wonder Woman costume. My childhood and teen age was an everyday fight for the one I was. But all of it made me stronger. It took me twenty-one years to build herself and feel confident with the way I am. And it shouldn’t be that hard. Especially for a woman. To be a woman in a men’s business world is challenging enough. And I wish our FashIcon App ( http://www.fashicon.cn ) will help a lot of people recognized how beautiful they are in matter of days!


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