Think Pink!

“Pink reminds me of my love for dance. My youth. The innocence of being young. Tutus. Strawberry frosting on a vanilla cake (my favorite). And lipstick. I love lipstick. It also reminds me that I should take pride in my feminine traits, in being a woman. There is nothing remotely wrong with enjoying femininity. Curves. Hips. Lips. Empathy. Vulnerability. Sensuality. Patience. Intuition” R.B. O’Brien

Pink is still one of my favorite colors to wear when wardrobe needs to be shaken up a bit. Whether you prefer bright tones or soft hues, try infusing just a hint (or a whole lot) of pink into your usual routine. I swear, it will make you feel happier! And the color combinations you try with pink might just inspire you to give up that whole head-to-toe black thing you’ve been wearing for years.

Wearing my Harris Wharfl London coat, Zara jeans and ankle boots, H&M top, Guess bag