How to dress like you are coming from space?

One of the biggest runway trends this season are shiny materials. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about shoes, jackets, bags or dresses – designers definitely were inspired by the sparkle. Dressed up with chunky heels and a blouse, or down with a hoodie or T-shirt, the nostalgic fabric can inject some excitement into your spring looks.

I’m pretty sure that the day when plastic would become unfashionable is far far away from here. If you already got rid of your vintage PVC items, don’t worry I have a very good news for you: the glossy effect will be our must have even in spring summer 2018 and this season the offer is pretty huge.


Looking at the past fashion shows and at the collections that have just arrived in stores, I’ve understood that we have one rule to follow: shine. And thanks to latex leggings, patent leather skirts and glossy booties, we found out how black can shine brighter than a diamond. Which is amazing, especially since it stimulates our styling creativity at its best. When I look at all those shiny pieces, I feel like I am some kind of cyber space agent, coming from Mars and exploring the Earth. And let’s be honest: this planet here could definitely use some more shiny colors. Summer’s manifestation of the plastic trend is to go colored in candy-whipped hues. Black, white. pastel pink, transparent, lime green, red… What do you think of this shining rainbow?


We all know that when it’s time to buy a bag or shoes, we generally try to go for something that can last long, and that we won’t get tired of looking at, and that’s why we choose black, white, beige bags. Well, how about trying something new for once? If you’re curious, why not try metallic colors? They come in every shade: pink, blue, red, silver, gold, you name it. If you are wondering on what kind of occasion you could wear these trendy colors, the answer is very simple: anytime! Whether at daytime or nighttime, they will add the cool special touch you need to your outfit, and if you match them the right way, they will be absolutely fine on formal occasions, too.


PVC is a bold, futuristic trend that can instantly take any look from ordinary to high fashion with the addition of just one piece.  So whether you choose to go subtler with patent shoes or accessories, or bolder with patent or vinyl clothing, you’re sure to make a statement!

Patent leather trend can be as well intimidating, especially since it often calls to mind images of the ’80s or The Matrix.  So, here are a couple of tips for pulling off this tricky yet cool trend:

  • Start small: If you’re afraid to venture into the world of patent clothing, consider trying patent shoes/ankle boots or a patent bag to start off. If you feel comfortable with the trend, then feel free to go bolder with outerwear, a skirt, or pants.


  • Keep it simple: By wearing the patent pieces keep the rest of your look simple, stick with neutrals and subdued colors.  That it’s the easiest way not only to ease into the trend, but also to keep it fashionable rather than over-the-top.


  • Only wear one patent piece per outfit: This is themost important rule when it comes to wearing patent, and I can’t stress it enough! Patent has the power to make quite a statement — and, with great power comes great responsibility. So, when it comes to wearing patent, always keep in mind that less is more, and you’re guaranteed to look amazing!


Patent leather piece in your outfit guaranteed to take your street style game to the next level. Cyber space outfits will definitely bring glamour in your daily life!

Metallic obsession

Metallic boots – a trend that has quickly become one of my personal favorites because they’re so #bold and striking! They looked like #liquid metal and I had never seen a material #shine and attract light in the same way. I’m quite confident with my fashion choices, but there are some trends that I know require a hell of a lot of personality. At first I thought knee high liquid metal boots isn’t quite my thing when you need to be a real #badass to pull it off. They seem intimidating at first sight because of the high shine, but after I put them on I’m convinced that this boot #style pairs flawlessly with multiple outfits you already have in your closet! I’m an advocate of purchasing #fashion items that can transition seamlessly from day to night or from one #event to the next. And I’m convinced #metallic boots can be one of those items.
I truly believe that it’s important to keep your #wardrobe #fun and fresh. So, why not let metallic #boots be that special touch you need to keep your #spring #look poised and interesting?

If don’t know where to start – #denim is the easiest thing you can wear to show off a pair of #dramatic boots. I love how metallic boots look against frayed denim along with boyfriend cropped jeans.
Have you tried metallic boots yet?