A woman wearing a tie..

A woman wearing a tie is undeniably sexy. Seriously, have you seen a woman in a tie? They look great! The look is regal mixed with flirty sass. Ties give a look of fierceness to women. Be honest, who doesn’t want to look powerful ?
The tie look can make you stand out from a sea of dresses. It makes a confident statement that you’re at ease with your femininity – you don’t need to be in a floor length pink number to feel womanly.

I wear mine to make a statement. To be seen. To let it be known that I do not, and will not, conform! That I am shepherd, not sheep. That I’m the person with courage, with my own ideas and my own unique style .

Wearing my favorite Tiednista. tie, Coach bag, Loeffler Randall boots, Zara suit