What to wear to F1 race

As I was getting ready for my first Formula 1 race last Sunday, I got a text from the other lady on our trip: “What the hell do you wear to one of these things?” I remember thinking, “Oh my god, I actually have no idea, I didn’t even bother to check and just pulled out the outfit which feels right.” And this year I was watching the race from the Paddock club so double pressure.
As I Googled “F1 what to wear,” the screen overloaded with images of Beyoncé in a tight racing suit, older women dressed like they are going to the ball and super models in red miniskirts holding racing flags. I was stumped..
in my mind the key to dressing for a racing event is simple – dress to impress while also staying comfortable. So I’ve decided to trust my gods and see if My outfit is just right for F1 race day.

What have I experienced: Formula 1 is a high-end affair. The roar of the track and the drivers who carry themselves like movie stars and embrace fashion with aplomb are undoubtedly stylish. women showing their style and sophistication over their sex appeal. They dress to enjoy the race and to be with their friends.
What is the big DON’T:
Large handbags are forbidden. F1 does not allow camera bags, backpacks, etc. The crowd keeps it simple and light. If you can’t fit your things into a wrist wallet or a clutch, you better practice packing! Leave your giant Michael Kors, Gucci and Prada totes at home.

Women at F1 are stylish but always comfortable. For example, you can wear your favorite mini, but balance it out with statement sneakers and a simple top. Do not show up in stilettos and a tight dress — people will think you’re an employee.
Event colors are red, black, yellow and white. However you do not need to follow this blindly. If you’re going to dress in racing colors, make it look original. There are a million girls at the race wearing head to toe red and white, so make creativity your middle name. And no need to take a literal inspiration and deck yourselves in chequered black and white flags or chevron stripes all over. Do avoid the urge at all costs. Instead put on a little of the stripes and colours (red, black or white) and scatter it around your outfit. Use famous F1 colors in accessories to make your outfit edgy and interesting..
Metallics. Women at F1 love to wear shades of gold, silver, bronze or anything that says, “I have money.” Do not go overboard with this and show up looking so “blinged out” that you could be mistaken for a Cartier advertisement.
Be edgy, be colorful. Just because you dress comfortably doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Women at Formula 1 are classic, elegant and like to push the envelope when it comes to their wardrobe.

Ah yeah! And don’t forget your earplugs 😉

Upcycle and rock your boyfriends t-shirt!

For the past couple of years fashion has started to go towards more androgynous looks, or at least more effortless styles and cuts. Our coats are sweeping the floors in one size too big, our jeans are ripped and oversized , our blazers are borderline men-tuxedo and we wear sneakers even with evening gowns. In all this men-inspired fad the boyfriend t-shirt is without a doubt is the number 1 #trend out there for quite a while. WHY? Because the boyfriend tee is the perfect piece when you don’t know what to wear. Just throw one on with your skinny jeans, sneakers and few accessories and shut the front door. Boyfriend t-shirt will always have that effortlessness and the exact loosens that we seek. It also feels cool to wear men’s shirts and mix them with something feminine to pull off this rocknroll, don’t care kind of look.
But if you are a no new-bee to the men t-shirt look and would like to add some twist to it then get your hands on these tees and get creative with your boyfriend wardrobe ? Transform his old tees to something fabulous .

On my ootd I’m wearing my husband’s t-shirt. I made few simple cut outs to create an asymmetric open shoulder dress out of unwanted item in his closet. Pairing it with ACBC sneakers and oversized Zara jeans jacket and it look amazing. And I do feel same sexy and relaxed in it.
How would you upcycle and wear a bf t-shirt?

Leather jacket – one love!

What does every woman have in her closet? After the perfect pair of jeans, the second-most sought clothing item might be a leather jacket. To be honest, there’s no fashionista’s wardrobe without at least 4-5 leather jackets, everyone with its own style and original details! And it’s never the right time to stow away your leather jacket. Especially in the transitional months, the edgy piece is the perfect layer on a breezy night or in a chilly office. And it is the most versatile piece in any cool girl’s trans-seasonal wardrobe.

How to wear leather jacket? This time, it’s quite easy to answer a question like this. I absolutely love leather jackets because they are a closet must-have and can go with literally anything whether you’re fresh out of the gym or off to a dinner date! They can downplay the poshest evening gown but at the same time spice up a day-wear outfit. What about work looks? If you want to look strong, a leather jacket is your never without! It’s just this styling power that classic leather jacket has.

WeChat Image_20180408130547

Today I’m wearing one of my favorite Balenciaga leather jacket with asymmetric Helmut Lang long skirt. I was waiting for spring weather to take over, so I finally can put my favorite combo of this two wardrobe pieces again! Lang is beloved by me for his minimalism, for making luxury items out of everyday staples (he made a T-shirt and jeans the fashion garments!) and for a unisex approach to dressing.

There’s a reason this classic cover-up refuses to go out of style, no matter what the season–in fact, we’ve got 30 reasons right here. Keep scrolling for an epic roundup of FashIcon App bloggers styling their leather jackets with spring-ready outfits.

Sneakers are here to replace every pair of high heels in your closet!

Hear that girls?! That’s the sound of your feet weeping for joy because sneakers are poised to replace every pair of high heels in your closet. I’m talking real, honest-to-god, flat-on-the-ground, high-top, low-top, lace-up, slip-on ACBC sneakers. And the best part? You can wear them with absolutely everything, including skirts and dresses. Flat (and running shoes) are becoming the new stilettos, and it’s time to embrace the comfortable trend. Shoes are my guilty shopping pleasure. Even if I don’t fancy myself the sporty type, after I discover the ACBC brand I swear from now on the sneaker will become part of my go-to shoe selection.

And you know what? The right sneakers can make a statement. In fact, if you’ve been tuning into the runways or street style, then you know sneakers can be the difference between a basic or banging outfit. I spend a week wearing no other shoes then ACBC. And without a doubt it was the most comfortable week in my life!

Check out my favorite looks with ACBC shoes and style tricks, and make the new travel light, customer- and eco friendly brand a part of your every day and night look.

The look with my favorite black suit, check yellow pants, and accessorize with a statment belt and pair of green running shoes. Easy peasy.

I can always count on a pop of color in every day look. I love my canary yellow sequin dress with long denim jacket and red belt bag. The ACBC shoes tie the whole look together, I’d say.

Cool dress like this does all the styling work for me. No matter how I dress it down, I’ll be party ready—even when slipping into my bright red ACBC sneakers.

Love my mini skirt but was looking for a way to make it a little less uptown elegant and a little more downtown cool? I tried to add a pair of ACBC sneakers, literally in any color or style, and  found my new go-to look for the spring.

With work ready looking jumpsuit, opt for a pair of sneakers that definitely stands out from the crowd. I go for a pair with an unexpected element like a bright red color and leather mesh.

This time I dare myself to try something new: Dress up in my go-to partylike shiny jumpsuit  that I typically pair with sky-high stilettos. Next? Swap out my stilettos for a pair of ACBC white flats. Honestly, I may never go back.

The addition of ACBC sneakers with a suit dress can give a sleek city feel, a causal twist or can keep the formal look with a hint of practicality. I’m striking blue striped suit dress with red sport pants and matching with white ACBC sneakers. Creating a powerful look filled with confidence!

Nothing feels better than pulling off an outfit that looks super stylish but takes advantage of the ultimate off-duty staple, leggings. And these sleek bottoms shouldn’t be reserved just for the weekend. Sure, they’re great for Spin class or a coffee run, but they can look polished if you know exactly what to pair with them. Mixing mine with crisp white shirt, black suit, statement bag and of course keeping relax and stylish feeling by wearing white ACBC sneakers.

Even fancy dresses can work when paired with ACBC shoes. This dress may seem too sexy to work with sneakers, but the simple styling with sequined silver top and monochromatic color palette make these looks work.

The choice is huge! From crisp-white running ACBC shoes to hacky green trainers that look just as good with an evening dress. And best of all you don’t need to have an entire closet for your sneakers! There sure will be room for a lot of stylish sneakers as each pair of ACBC skins lay flats takes the space of a t-shirt! Don’t know about you girls, but I’m definitely hungry for more ACBC shoes in my wardrobe!

From ordinary to high fashion with just 1 accessory

We all know that when it’s time to buy a bag, we generally try to go for something that can last long, and that we won’t get tired of looking at, and that’s why we choose black, white, beige bags. Well, how about trying something new for once? If you’re curious, why not try metallic colors? They come in every shade: pink, blue, red, silver, gold, you name it. If you are wondering on what kind of occasion you could wear these trendy colors, the answer is very simple: anytime! Whether at daytime or nighttime, they will add the cool special touch you need to your outfit, and if you match them the right way, they will be absolutely fine on formal occasions, too.

PVC is a bold, futuristic trend that can instantly take any look from ordinary to high fashion with the addition of just one piece. So whether you choose to go subtler with patent shoes or accessories, or bolder with patent or vinyl clothing, you’re sure to make a statement!